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Mrz 1, 2013 Allgemein Comments are off

During Stanfour’s “October Sky Tour”, we played a very special concert in Zurich, Switzerland. Until minutes before the show, we weren’t sure it would happen, because the truck with the equipment got stuck at the border due to it being overweight and strict swiss border control. Luckily the support band supported us more than usual that night with their equipment and instruments. In most cases the setups of 2 Bands wouldn’t have been as compatible, but we got lucky. One small problem still remained, I played a xylophone in addition to a re-arranged acoustic version of the song “For All The Lovers”. Needless to say, the xylophone didn’t cross the border either. After searching a big mall close to the venue I found a childs xylophon in a toys store, bought it and tried to fix the tines to be able to play the song. This toy was roughly tuned in C-Major, but the song is in C-Flat Minor. Therefore I had to change nearly every tine with a leatherman tool from a crew member. It annoyed the hell out of everybody for hours. Tweaking, rasping and fine tuning. Finally this song made everybody on stage and in the audience smile and I think most people were surprised this little enterprise actually worked out. To be honest, I was, too.

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