Christoph plays Steinway & endorses Clavia Nord Instruments

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Nov 15, 2012 Allgemein Comments are off

I always try to break it down as much as possible. More instruments not always mean more creativity. Just the opposite was the case in my experience. I often think a grand piano or rhodes is just the best solution for so many genres if you know how to use it right. But still, sometimes there is a need to add a different flavour. The first step in this direction was always the MOOG for me, because I grew up listening to Herbie’s Music all day long and fell in love with the dark and warm analog sounds this synthesizer does. In the near past I started to play a lot with this amazing toy and tried to think non-pianistic, more as a bass or horn player. If necessary NORD is always a good solution, especially on festivals with little time for change over or rehearsals with a “sound-searching” approach. You got the flexibility of a modern keyboard, but the possibility of creating a vintage sound. Sometimes there is a need to be as close as possible in the choice of sounds, that were used on the album production. Therefore I use a standard Midi-Keyboard connected to Pro Tools or Main Stage. Last but not least I use a little chair, which was a great gift of a very good friend of mine. It really brings “atmosphere” in this whole setup … Haha …

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